Mini Coopers and American Sports

Today was possibly one of the worst nights I've had since April.

I watched the Chargers game alone for the first 2 hours. He would have been there. He would have seen...

I've been let down before but why is this so much more heart wrenching than before. Is it because I've realized how desperately I need my close friends? How much I missed my hometown? How much it hurts that my boy doesn't want to attempt to see me down here? How epic it is to be here without Him? How he's not ever coming home... How much I really am numb to everything...

San Diego won
but I lost

and I won.
I had a few drinks with an old friend and mentor. Venting and cursing feels good, especially with a pint in your hand and the promise of a damn good rolled taco afterwards.


It's a trip that everyone should try and a story that will never grow old.