When I grow up, this week I want to be....

I need to take the GRE. I just know it.
I also need to finish Grad school applications before I drive home this weekend.
Need another copy of Vectorworks, at least they are releasing 2009 now.
I need to pony up the cash to buy a freaking license for that.
and about 12 other software programs I need.

I need a real job
I also need to drive myself more insane by not knowing what the hell I want to do in life.

Alright... ready... GO!


drying up

I'm thirsty
always thirsty

for water
for healing
for heat



Money Blues

I'm totally screwed. Can't pay rent. Parents gave me money. Already used a lot of it on gas to a job that only paid $100 after taxes and my stupid expensive cell phone bill. crap crap crap.
Also, have two more papers to finish. A final and then freak out about the amount of gifts I'm expected to buy.

Christmas has been cancelled due to lack of funds.


Feeling better

I stayed home until about 45 minutes before my only class today and got a lot of work done today. I took a million of breaks but it helped, I kept writing. The large paper is about 60% done and I'm getting some really good work out of it. I think I will be fully capable of directing this show once I'm done with this research and writing. I just type what comes to mind and most of the time the only changes that need to be made are tweaking the grammatical structure of the sentence and a handful of misspelled words. I really like writing in single space and ignoring the errors until I take a break or finish the topic. I'm too harsh of a critic if I try to edit while I write and it seems to cripple my creativity too. When I can type like I think ideas come out a lot fast than when I spend half an hour looking for another word for 'keep' because I've used that word too many times in that paragraph. Then I change the typeface and double space. Instant 3 page paper!
Okay back to work.


That's it

I quit. I can't do this anymore...

News Flash

If the paper is due the week before the final date: It's not a final paper, it's just an unfair form of punishment at the last minute. Please don't ever expect me to have the presence of mind to write an obscene amount of useless garble between the Thanksgiving Break and the week of finals.

I'm dying quickly and it's only Tuesday.


I thought

I was a theatre undergraduate but apparently I'm taking Lit classes this quarter because I have 4 huge papers due. One of them is already late, one due at midnight and the last two I'm not even sure I want to think about yet.

Screw finals, I want a beer.


December 1st 2008, 12:54 am...

I think I am finally going insane.

How can it be so difficult to write my own obituary. We've been assigned to write an obituary about a celebrity we have read about during the quarter and then to write our own.

This should be the license to dream up anything and everything I wanted to accomplish in my small amount of time in this world. But I can't seem to get the adjectives out from under this headache.
I know what I want to accomplish in my career. I could list them off easily, but to describe it in full detail as if it had already happened is tricky. Maybe a list will help:

I want to:
Work at ETC
Intern at an Opera
Get an MFA or PhD from Dream school
Become a board member on a theatre compnay
Teach theatre at a UC school
Start a Shakespeare Theatre Company
Be the Managing Director or Production Manager of at least 3 different companies
Start an after school Shakespeare Program
That spreads like wildfire into the schools of San Francisco
Be an electrician till I can't lift things anymore
Be the lighting designer for a major LORT theatre
Write a cheap and entertaining textbook
Meet some impressive people because I've become one myself

live, laugh and love theatre.

to be continued...