Dream School update

Might be accepted to Dream School. I got an email from the graduate advisor saying the faculty was impressed with my application and will be recommending me for their program to the Graduate Studies.
I think this means I'm through the first hurtle and now I just have to wait for my transcripts to check out. I will know by 8pm on the 28th.

Here's hoping I dotted all my i's and crossed all my t's.



I can't concentrate enough to do homework. My dad went to Urgent Care tonight. We don't know what's wrong with him but it might be something with his liver.

It hurts and I'm praying, that's all I can do from 500 miles away.

On another topic, my department chair asked to speak with me for a few minutes today after work. He, in so many words, asked me to step out of the design I have coming up next quarter to assist him on a show in San Jose and to design a fund raiser for Shakespeare.
It comes down to weather or not I really want to be a lighting designer. Do I further my career with two more good marks on my resume or do I have fun with my friends on my last show at this campus?
Everything I think about tonight hurts in some way or another. Maybe I'll just go to bed now and listen to the rain fall.

I lie in an early bed
thinking late thoughts
waiting for the black to replace my blue


Desks and tables

I want a real desk. I have college furniture. It's all miss matched and easy to move. I currently have one tall bookshelf, one shorter bookshelf, a filing cabinet and a square table I got from a previous employer. That's it. Nothing permanent or special. I've tried my hardest to organize appropriately but there is a limit to how many boxes and bins one can have in two bookshelves and how much crap one can pile on top of a desk.
I feel like I've cleaned out as much as I can. There just isn't a coherent design or space to be artistic. I hate it.

I need a drafting table with drawers. Maybe I'll build my own...

Great, another thing to distract me from doing my homework, or is it? maybe I could put it in my drawing pad and claim it for the drawing class. Ohh, I like it.

Signs I'm in my twenties...

I think I'm an adult now

I'm buying expensive but practical gifts for my loved ones
I'm gathering my W2's and thinking about getting someone else to do them for me because they are so complicated
I'm doing price comparison for stainless steel gas ranges online
My desk is a mess and I have no intention of cleaning it any time
I bought $150 worth of groceries last night
I have some chicken defrosting in the fridge
I clean when I'm not even thinking about it
I can type faster than I have ever been able to
I'm remembering to get paper, information, and things I need before the day before I need them.
I'm eating grapes as my afternoon snack before dinner

I think I'm still a kid

I got to my car after classes today only to drop my backpack and pull out my camera and sit on a hillside and take pictures of the view
I waved to a stranger and they waved back.
I colored a draft of my plot in class while I listened to the discussion
I spent 2 hours of my day drawing in a room that had many toys to distract me and many adults to talk to
I talk to my cat while he plays with a grape I dropped at my feet
I'm listening to music while I organize my tax information
My mom sent me some money without asking her for any
I got excited when I saw her handwriting in the mailbox
I blew off my plans to be productive while walking away from class to sit in the sun with friends and giggle


Thursday morning rain

It's 10 minutes until my dreaded Theory class and I'm sitting alone in the classroom.

It's raining, there was a 32 page reading due... I'm not surprised no one is here, in fact, I will be amazed if anyone at all shows up. Excluding the teacher, of course.

So here's my to do list for the rest of this quarter:
1. Attend the ONE and only production meeting we might be having at 3pm today. The director hates production meetings but the staff is freaking out because they need to have their numbers time and feel like they have made some kind of headway on a faculty directed show.
2. Make my drafting software work. They cancelled my license even though I don't graduate until the spring. I've been playing phone email tag with one of the customer service reps. They're on the East Coast... I got a phone call at 7:45 this morning. Hopefully everything will work out by the end of today. We shall see...
3. Finish my light plot a week ahead of schedule so I can present it to my department head (and chair)'s "baby" lights class. I'm done with the rough plot. I need to finish all the paperwork that goes with it. The chores of being a "Golden Child".
4. Re-send my high school transcripts to UCSC so I can apply to graduate next quarter.
5. Organize our graduation light show. AND find some Juniors to strike all these things because I AM NOT going up to the grid in a dress.
6. Send brown nosing email to panel that interviewed me at Dream School inviting them to see this no-production show opening night.
7. Add a class I forgot to sign up for by petition. This requires like 18 signatures a trip to the Evilness that is the Hahn Student Center and $10 for being a dumb ass.
8. Actually apply myself to my drawing class. I am enjoying what I'm doing but I know I could learn more from it.
9. Talk to theory teacher about midterm ideas. Start said midterm, attempt to turn in draft, fail, submit crappy essay at very last minute.
10. Breath.
11. Order gel for show, heck actually pick the colors and THEN order gel...
12. Thank my assistant for always being around when I need her and even when I don't. It's nice to have some one to bounce ideas off and laugh about mistakes.
13. Does this teacher have a MFA or a PHd? Is that 15 minutes or 20? Damn he just walked in.

And there is now 17 more people in the room. Not bad for 8 minutes after class starts.