Socks and earrings

When I was little I used to watch Punky Bruster in the afternoons and wonder what I could do to be that cool. It started with the bangs and scrunchies. Then came the loud 90's spandex clothes and ridiculous accessories. But something I always had before Punky made it popular was the mis matched socks. To this day, I still do not own a pair of plain white socks (I blame most of this obsession on my Mom, she's always sending me holiday socks, I guess that's her way of mailing me a hug).
Last night after a particularly bad nostalgia night at the bar I had one more beer than I meant to and lost an earring somewhere. I was getting ready for bed tonight and glanced over at the loner still sulking on my dresser and started to wonder if I could mis match earrings like I did socks...
There's nothing particularly wrong with not being perfectly symmetrical, in fact the human body isn't so why should our clothing or accessories be? Who is going to notice? or care? It'd be good conversation and frankly I think it's meant to be.

Just because you lost part of your pair doesn't mean you are worthless, just that you're purpose has changed. Instead of being half of a whole, you're unique. Maybe you'll find another piece that compliments you well but doesn't fit quite as well as the original but who needs to be perfect?

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Summer said...

This made me smile :) I love mismatched socks.