Productive Day

So, the frustrating part of productive days is paying bills. I really dread these days of having a stare down with my checking account. It frees me up to not worry about payments for another month so it's a necessary evil. I'm glad most of my bills are now in mid month instead of 2 years ago when they all where in the beginning of the month and I started out my month with a small amount of money left over. It made me bitter and angry and not want to go out since I know I can't afford it. AT&T is making me pissed off more than it should but that brings me to the better part of productive days like this.

Dance breaks

Pop on the ipod and find the comfy headphones. I'm gonna be rocking around my room while I cross off my TO DO list and write checks. I look ridiculous but only Chase.com knows this and we get together about once a month to get into the groove. Without this ritual I think I might murder some one while I pay my bills. I mean really, how can you get psycho about a phone bill when you're listening to Usher? Don't judge, the kid's got a good voice.

And if things go well, I'll be window shopping on heels.com.
And if things go badly, I'll be window shopping on heels.com

Although I'm feeling the need to drool over some Dior lately.

If there was a doubt that I'm in the wrong field, just look at my web browser history.... LED pars and Christian Dior.

Glad I'm finally feeling secure and at home enough to have a kick ass day alone!

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Summer said...

Love it :)

My current guilty dance party pleasures: Lady Gaga and The Black Eyed Peas.

I'll never judge ;)